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ASP.NET is part of dotnet development frame work provided by Microsoft for developing web sites and applicaitons. By using ASP.NET we can develop the front end of the applicaiton but for code behind we have to use any one of the programming language (C#.NET, VB.NET, ..) provided in development frame work.

In the following articles we are going to discuss various concepts of ASP.NET, some of the conecepts are listed below

ASP.NET Page life cycle :
ASP.NET Page life cycle having different stages and in each stage there are different events, which are having a sequence of flow. i.e. each stage or event will fire one after one in an ordered manor, each and every developer should have a basic knowledge on flow of the Page life cycle then only one can write our code in more poper way. Continue reading...

State management :
One of the most important concept in ASP.NET is State management, when we are implmenting dynamic applicaitons it is required to maintain the state (user related data) of the current user when he is navigating different web pages in the applicaiton. There are different in built ways provided by ASP.NET to maintain the state, the developer should have enough idea to which one he should pick depeneds on the usage and scenario.Continue reading...

User controls & custom controls :
Most of the time we need to use the controls which are having same type of functionality and not there in ASP.NET as inbuilt / default controls, In such cases instead of writing the same coding and applying same validations we can make those controls as User controls or custom controls. Cusotm controls will be implemented from extenede the features of a controls to meet our need. User controls will be implemented for making a group of controls a single component / control.Continue reading...

IE 10 dopostback issue :
When we use linq button, IE 10 will not fire the postback event(__dopostback). To over come this problem we have to add the file BrowserFile.browser in the soluion under App_Browsers folder.Continue reading...

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