Blogs Blogs about different Web Technologies, Programming Languages, Scripting Languagues, Database, Advanced Technlogies and more. Each blog covers a topic and explained with an example, which makes the conectp easy to understand and remember.
LINQ LINQ(Language Integrated Query) introduced in VS 2008. Even though you don't know query languages(SQL,XML,...) you can write queries by using LINQ (In C# and VB.NET). Because you write queries by using language keywords and familier words.
WCF Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) was introduced by microsoft as a part of .NET framework 3.0 for building service-oriented applications. Using WCF, we can develop highly secure, reliable applicaitons.
Windows Service Windows service is a computer program, which will run in the background. When some action has to be performed at a particular time, or need to be performed continuously in specific time interval without user interaction then the solution is Windows service.
Angular JS This tutorial will help you to learn how to use angularjs, advantages of angularjs, directives, controllers, filters, expressions and other concepts in angularjs with examples. AngularJS is very easy to learn if you have basic knowledge of HTML & JavaScript.
JavaScript Javascript is widely using scripting language in all the web application, and here we have provided you an easy interface to learn javascript step by step.
MSMQ Microsoft Message Queuing(MSMQ) technology will be used when data need to be communicate between different application(or same application) at different times.
ASP.NET ASP.NET is part of dotnet development frame work provided by Microsoft for developing web sites and applicaitons. By using ASP.NET we can develop the front end of the applicaiton but for code behind we have to use any one of the programming language (C#.NET, VB.NET, ..) provided in development frame work.
HTML This tutorial will help you to learn basisc of HTML, different controls and tags in HTML and how to use them.
JQuery JQuery is a JavaScript library supported by multi browser. By using jquery we can do the things like Finding controls, applying styles, bind or unbind events, applying animations and much more very easily.